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Mikhail Lebedev

Mikhail Lebedev (1811 - 1837) - Estonia (Tartu)

现实主义, 现实主义

Mikhail Ivanovich Lebedev (Russian: Михаил Иванович Лебедев) (4 November 1811 – 13 July 1837) was a Russian painter. Lebedev was born in Tartu into the family of an impoverished serf. In the 1820s, serfdom was abolished in his region and the young Lebedev got an opportunity to study at a nearby school. His artistic endeavours attracted the attentio......

Eduard Hau

Eduard Hau (1807 - 1888) - Estonia (Tallinn)

Eduard Hau (Russian: Эдуард Петрович Гау 28 July 1807 in Reval – c.1888 in Dorpat) was a Baltic German painter and graphic artist. He was the son of painter Johannes Hau (1771-1838), who had emigrated from Northern Germany in 1795, and he grew up in the German community of Tallinn ("Reval" in German). His half-brother was the painter Woldemar Hau. ......

Michel Sittow (Master Michiel)

Michel Sittow (Master Michiel) (1468 - 1525) - Estonia (Reval (Now Tallinn)

Samuil Ivanovich Gal'berg

Samuil Ivanovich Gal'berg (1787 - 1839) - Estonia (Kattentak)